Sunday, November 02, 2008

Undoing the effects of set-casmailbox

The cmdlet set-casmailbox can be used to configure Outlook Web Access segmentation for individual users. As an example, you can disable the premium client for a particular mailbox through the following command:
set-casmailbox teod -owapremiumclientenabled:$false

However, what happens is that all the other segmentation features get disabled. You can see this by running the following command:
get-casmailbox teod format-list
*** OUTPUT*********************************
OWARemindersAndNotificationsEnabled : False
OWAPremiumClientEnabled : False
OWASpellCheckerEnabled : False
Behind the scenes, the set-casmailbox cmdlet is setting a value on the AD attribute, msExchMailboxFolderSet which controls mailbox segmentation. So, to reset this back to default, set this attribute to $Null, or Not Set either through ADSI Edit or through Powershell. Alternatively, you can enable all the settings by setting the value of msExchMailboxFolderSet to 2147483647.

In production, you should find out what segmentation settings you want for a particular subset of users, configure those settings on one user, and then copy the value from the attribute: msExchMailboxFolderSet, to all of the users that require segmented OWA.