Friday, February 17, 2006

HP Remote Management / ILO

Had an issue today where we needed to change the IP address of the ILO card. Normally, this can be done through one of two ways:
1. Through the ILO interface
a. https://iloipaddress
2. By rebooting the server and pressing F8

Neither of these methods was an option which allowed us to find a Utility from HP called "HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility." Its basically a command line tool that takes an XML file as input for ILO configuration settings. To get the utility to work, we had to install the following:
1. HP Proliant iLO Advanced and Enhanced System Management Controller Driver
2. HP Proliant Integrated Lights-Out Management Interface Driver
3. HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility
4. HP Insight Diagnostics Online Edition

Not sure which ones are needed, but the utility wouldn't work untill we installed all of the above.
Steps to change IP address:
1. C:\>hponcfg /w ilo_ip.xml - Exports configuration
2. Edit ilo_ip.xml to reflect new IP address
3. C:\>hponcfg /f ilo_ip.xml - Imports configuration

In the documentation, I also saw that this could be used to change the password.